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Every day, a thousand people living with HIV lose their lives to tuberculosis (TB).

How can we allow this to happen? TB is preventable and curable with inexpensive medicines. It should not be a death sentence. Yet our efforts to stop so many unnecessary deaths are inadequate. Between now and 2015 a million and a half people living with HIV will die of TB if we fail to act now.

On the occasion of the AIDS 2012 conference in Washington, DC in July and in the run-up to World AIDS Day 2012 we invite you to make a personal call to stop deaths from TB among people living with HIV.

Here you can make your own poster. It's easy. Just drop in your photo, choose a hairstyle and upload the message in English or Spanish. Once you have made your poster, it will appear in a gallery on this site, where you can also search for posters made by people you know.

Please also share your poster on Facebook and other social media sites - and spread the word among your friends!

Click here if you want to learn more about TB and here to find out more about TB/HIV. Click here if you want to learn more about the Stop TB Partnership and its work.

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